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Awakening: Soul Agreements And Divine Set-Ups

Who we are and our entire life are part of our Soul Agreements. Soul Agreements are decisions made in Soul Consciousness before coming into embodiment. These decisions are for the purpose of Waking-Up to the Truth of who we are as God. They encompass everything, including the color of our hair, our parents, our relationships, our life lessons, our likes and dislikes, our addictions, and so on.

Soul Agreements do not mean that things are preordained. On the contrary. Nothing is predetermined because we have free will. Free will operates at the level of ego. The ego wants to maintain power and control. We have listened to it all our lives. If we choose to listen to our ego rather than to our Soul, we make choices based on personal will, our little will, as opposed to Divine Will. This choice, too, is part of our Soul Agreement. We learn that listening to ego results in our remaining in drama, in negative reactivity, in relationships based on conditional Love rather than in peaceful, unconditionally loving relationships for which we long. Decisions based on personal free will focus on looking outside of the self for Love rather than within.

We have another choice. Aligning with Divine Will. Choosing to listen to our Divine Guidance, the guidance of our Soul. If we reference our Souls, we have no need of our little will/free will. All is brought to us to assist us in our Soul Agreement to Wake-Up. We see that everything in our world is a Divine Set-Up to help us Awaken.

As we learn to listen to our Souls, Divine Guidance, our lives take on a different shape. We experience the abundance of Love, which we are, flowing through us. We can see how each decision we made with Soul's Guidance has led us to the place of greater clarity and Love.

Soul Agreements are for the purpose of learning what we need to learn: Love. We learn through Divine Set-Ups. Everything is a Divine Set-Up. One of my Soul Agreements was to learn to be more loving. My Soul and I created events in my life to facilitate change toward my becoming more loving.

One of my Soul Agreements was to come into embodiment through a fear-based family and develop a disease with frightening implications for my future. This Divine Set-Up gave me a great deal to work through at the egoic level. It has helped me learn Love and compassion for myself and others. I embraced the disease because it was a Wake-Up call for me to change my life. It provided me with the opportunity to shift my Consciousness and my life from fear-based to Love-based.

In looking at Soul Agreements, the question arises: how can we view events which we perceive as less than Love as part of a Soul Agreement to experience Love? How can we experience famine as Love, war as Love? From every event, whatever the drama, the ultimate lesson is Love. For every act we perceive as horrible, devastating, sad, we raise our Consciousness and ask Soul, "What's really going on here?" The answer: "Bring even more Love into your Consciousness. More Love. More Love. More Love." It begins with me. My shift in Consciousness. This impacts all of humanity.

I give great thanks for my Soul Agreements which have brought me to this point. I do not know what the Divine has in store for me in the coming years, but I live in Trust and Faith that it will lead me to greater Love of Self and Others.



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