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The Inner Path, The Way Of Soul

Up until the last few years, my life's path had been directed by external versus internal guidance. Everything was about pleasing either my parents or some significant other in my life. I tried to be, do, and have what I believed others wanted me to be, do, and have. This was a desperate attempt to be loved and accepted. Is it any wonder that chasing others' rainbows left me disillusioned? There came a point where I had forgotten who I was entirely. I began to take this workshop and that seminar hoping to find myself. Now I see that even taking the workshops and seminars came out of my looking outside myself for answers. The ultimate discovery came when I realized that nothing outside myself could fill the void within, bring me true satisfaction, or take me to Self-Love, Soul, or God.

I have discovered I am a mystic. As a mystic, it is my passion to know God. It is my passion to live as Love in each moment. It is my joy to share this Love. The path of the mystic is an inner path. It involves going into the Serene Center of my Being within my Heart and asking my Soul to guide me in every moment. This is my practice. This is my pathless path.

Interestingly enough, it has been my writing on these web sites that has brought me the clarity and peace that are a part of the Inner Path. As I surrender to my Soul, the words dance upon the screen. The Truth of my Being is expressed in poetry and prose. I am given realizations and insights beyond my ego conscious mind. I am in bliss and one with God. With this practice comes the rewards of listening to and following my Soul's guidance more and more in my daily life. I am truly learning how to live a Soul-centered life. The inner pathless path is focused on Soul. Soul guides me through Truth, Wisdom, Compassion, and Love. Soul sustains me through all my change and transformation. Above all else, Soul inspires me to stay on the Inner Path. I give unceasing thanks to God and Soul for the Inner Path and all its richness and glory. It is part of my Awakening process.



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