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"What's Really Going On Here" Is Always Clear At Soul Level

Soul is able to see the Bigger Picture. From its place as the Watcher, Soul sees the energy behind what is being depicted by the symbols of our lives. What's really going on here.

Through our Soul Agreements, we create continuous Divine Set-Ups in every moment, in order for us to "get it" - to Awaken to the Truth of our Being. Everything we see, hear, feel, think, touch, and all things around us, are in total support of our Waking Up. Everything is a symbol. Soul has the wisdom to decipher the symbols of life and make their true meaning clear to us. Ego interprets through its filters of rage and fear - very distorting energies. Soul is pure and clear in its position as the Watcher and will tell us, whenever asked, what's really going on. When we are able to take responsibility for our every action, thought, and feeling, knowing ourselves as the creator of it all, we can then look deeply behind the symbols of our life. Like peeling an onion, we come to know what is at the core of it. Life is always a divinely created opportunity to Awaken. Soul knows the Truth. We, then, grow from this Soul awareness every time we reference our Soul.

"What's really going on here?" is the only appropriate question to ask - ever. Then, be sure it's Soul you listen to, and not ego. Ego will try to trick you into believing what it wants you to believe. Only Soul knows what's really going on here. Soul will gladly, joyfully share it with you. All you need to do is ask and listen.



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