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Soul Manifesting As Self-Love


works through





Self -Love


Soul, our connection to the Divine which we are, knows only Love. To manifest as Self-Love, Soul moves through several layers of our humanity to bring the formless into form, expressing our Divinity within our humanity. To manifest Soul as Self-Love we want to create everything from Soul.


Step one: Soul works through Consciousness. We must be Conscious to do The Work of Waking Up to the Truth of our Being as Love. By expanding our Consciousness, we hold more and more of Soul within it. This requires both intention and commitment. We bring Soul into our Consciousness as we open to the possibility that there is something else going on here behind/beyond the apparent illusion of our daily lives, a bigger picture. Within our Consciousness, Soul guides us.

Maintaining this state of Soul-filled Consciousness requires consistent exercising of our "spiritual muscle." Our egos are adept at covertly pulling us back to the familiarity of the illusion and drama. Working our spiritual muscle requires the three p's - patience and persistence to practice our Truth.

As we hold the Consciousness of Love/Soul, our lives begin to look very different. Our lives, or what we manifest in form and thus see outside of ourselves, are the state of our Consciousness. As we hold the Consciousness that God is Love, that we are Love, that we are God, and that everything is Love, then everything we see outside of ourselves will reflect our Soul-filled Consciousness of Love.


Step two: Soul works through responsibility to manifest as Self-Love. Knowing that our lives are the state of our own Consciousness implies that we take full responsibility for what we create. Taking responsibility is a huge step in Consciousness, for we can no longer blame another as a source of our unhappiness or lack of peace. In taking responsibility for whatever we create, we explore deeply at the egoic level, with our Soul's guidance, anything we feel we have created which is less than Love. We seek to know why we have created this and what changes we are willing to make to return to Love. As we increase our Self-Love, we take responsibility for looking at our Soul Agreements to understand why we have created a particular situation or relationship.

Soul, being carried through responsibility, means we create from Soul Consciousness. We take responsibility for asking for and receiving guidance from our Soul. To do this, we quiet our egos, sit in The Silence, and move into the Serene Center of our Being within our Heart where Soul resides. Here we can experience:

surrendering our little self/ego,
infilling with Soul's guidance,
integrating what we have received from Soul,
and manifesting into the physical our Soul's guidance.

We reference our Soul in all decision-making. We no longer make ego-based decisions.


Step three: Soul works through discipline to manifest Self-Love. Ego is relentless in its attempts to keep us in a fear-based state to maintain its power and control. Our practice is to stay in alignment with Soul as our guide. To do this requires discipline. Discipline assists us in continually exercising our spiritual muscle. Discipline requires a commitment to do whatever it takes to Awaken to the Truth of our Being. It is very easy to slip back into the known, into ego, into lack of Consciousness. It takes discipline to reference Soul unceasingly and to follow our Soul's guidance without hesitation, regardless of our little personal will.

Discipline includes a variety of practices designed to keep us focused on Awakening. These practices help us stay in the present moment. They include activities in which we feel the fullness of who we are as Love/Soul. Some of these practices are meditation, contemplation, prayer, chanting, Chi-Gong and Yoga. Practices that have been very supportive to me on my pathless/path have included the following: daily sitting for an hour in The Silence to practice the quieting of the ego and surrendering all that I am as I listen to Soul; raising the core body temperature daily; making "The Calls" and looking-in at the Soul level; praising God unceasingly; giving thanks unceasingly; showing up and Being lovingly present no matter what it looks like out there or inside myself; speaking the Truth of my Heart; and the three p's (having the patience and persistence to practice my Truth.)

Additional practices that help me remember the Love which I am include reminder notes around my house, daily rituals such as blessing my food, kissing the mezuzah as I enter and leave my house, saying a prayer before bed and upon awakening, blessing all sentient beings whom I know and do not know as I am in the shower, and listening to chanting or inspirational music in the morning rather than to the television or reading the newspaper. I choose activities to participate in that inspire me rather than selecting activities that fill the time.

Discipline involves vigilance to maintain the daily practices. It also involves taking good care of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, as well as maintaining a balance in our lives so that Soul can move through us unimpeded by ego.

By allowing Soul to be carried through our Consciousness as our Guide, by taking responsibility for all we create, and by having the discipline to reference Soul unceasingly, we move into a state of Self-Love. We open to Divine Inspiration. Self-Love becomes the primary inspiration for change in our lives. Self-Love is what we are here to learn, for once we Love ourselves, we see that we can truly Love everyone and everything. For everyone is us and we are they. There is nothing that is not Love…is not God. Once we truly move into the state of Self-Love, we know this Truth and we are forever changed. I pray that "Self-Love = Love" be the Conscious motivator of all of our thoughts, words, feelings, and actions as we allow Soul to manifest as Self-Love in all of our bodies, planes, and cells. Thank you.



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