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You Are The Beloved

When you accept you are The Beloved,

that state of Being in which you feel so fully

and completely Loved…

When you know your essence

is in itself pure joy

When you trust you are God,

You are Love,

You are blessed and the blessing…

Then your Soul becomes the primary focus

in the creation of your life.


All Doing, all actions

are filled with the sweet energy of your Soul -

spontaneity, enthusiasm, creativity, peace,

Love, and joy.


You become the Messenger,

the "Envoy of Light" to say…

Everything is possible.

Everything is created from Love.

Everything is Love.

As Love shines Its light,

It illuminates the Truth of all things.

Love reveals what is real

at the Heart of everything.


If you trust in the Love of God,

Love of Soul,

Love of self,

You are Boundless.

Everything that is Love

is drawn to you.

The Magnetic Resonance of Love

is irresistible.


Everything changes

in the presence of Love.


Beloved Messenger,

Beloved Soul,

Oh Most Sacred Envoy of Light,

You have come to remind me once again

that the Truth of My Being is Love.

I pray that you hold this remembrance for me

until I can hold it myself unceasingly.


When I remember how Loved I am,

Everything in my life changes.

A seemingly simple shift in perception.

I remember

I am Love.


I recognize my own inner beauty,

which was imperceptible to me

only the moment before.


I feel the Love which I am.

It becomes the springboard for

all thoughts, feelings, and actions.


I trust in myself as God.

I trust in my Soul.

In my innocence.

In my purity.

What felt like mundane thoughts or acts

are raised up to a place of sacredness.


I feel blessed.

I bless everyone and everything.

I revel in my Soul,

In my encounters with everyone

and everything.


I relish the moment.

I am fully present in it.

In full Consciousness it will pass

in the wink of an eye.

I seize the moment. Carpe Diem.

I raise the moment into sacredness

through my Consciousness.


Everything changes

from a simple shift in perception

within my Consciousness

within the Consciousness of Humanity.


Ah, a simple shift in perception.

An acknowledgement of Truth.

Letting in the Love that

is always there

gently knocking on the doors

of our Heart.



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