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Ego Says / Soul Says

Ego Says, "No"; Soul Says, "Yes."

Ego says, "No."
Soul says, "Yes."

Ego says, "Can't get it. Can't do it. Can't have it."
Soul says, "You can."

Ego says, "I can't change. Change is fearful."
Soul says, "Change is an aspect of Love."
"Change is a choice to live your Life, not your death."

Ego says, "I am not enough."
Soul says, "You are God. You are Love."

Ego says, "It's your fault" to the other.
Soul says, "It's never about the other."
"The other is a reflection of your own Consciousness."

Ego says, "You push my buttons. I will avoid you."
Soul says, "Thank you, my ego. You are the doorway to the Illumined state."

Ego says, "Love is out there."
"Love is limited."
"Love is conditional. It can be lost."
Soul says, "Love is within."
"Love is as boundless as the sea."
"Love is eternal. Love is the only Truth."

Ego says, "I believe in the Big Lie, that we are separate."
Soul says, "We are all connected. We are all one Consciousness."

Ego says, "Everything is personal, either good or bad."
Soul says, "Everything is impersonal. Everything just 'is.'"
"Embrace the 'isness.'"

Ego says, "Poor me. I am a victim."
Soul says, "You create your own reality."
"Everything is a Divine Set Up created by your Soul to help you Awaken."

Ego says, "Live in the mind."
Soul says, "Live in the Heart."

Ego says, "I want to know everything."
Soul says, "Egoic mind is greedy and full of avarice."
"Surrender the need to know anything. Accept."

Ego says, "It's never enough."
Soul says, "This is all there is. Be present in Love in every moment. Create Heaven within your own Consciousness. Then you will recognize Heaven all around you."

Soul says, "Yes. Open to change. Open for whatever the Divine brings. It is for your Awakening. Trust Soul, your connection with God, with Love. You are Love."


As I listen to my Soul guiding me, saying, "Yes" to change, miracles happen. New opportunities are presented; teachers and compatriots on the path appear.

If I listen to my ego, with its endless energy of "No," nothing can happen. If I listen to the sweet song of my Soul with its ever-expanding energy of "Yes," everything can happen. I can grow and change and experience myself in the fullness of all that I am and can be.

Yes, Yes, Yes, My Soul, My Divine Guide. You are my best friend. I choose to honor myself by opening to receive your Love and wisdom to guide me through this life.


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Click Here to View Companion Piece



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